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Sometimes Dog Breeder/Sellers end up with an excess inventory of dogs they can’t sell, because no one wanted them. The dogs that are left over will often meet unkind fates. These are the Left Over Dogs.

Hello. Welcome to Left Over Dogs here in the heart of Texas, near Dallas. My name is Madlyn, and my husband is Ray, both of us Senior citizens. He is a disabled veteran, and I am his full time caretaker. Because of our passion for animals, we rescue dogs, providing them a safe, loving, humane environment: SECURITY!

Ray and I have centered our rescues around these specific Left Over Dogs, from our area. Most of them come to us with numerous and costly health problems. We have been very fortunate to have faithful followers of our work, who have financially contributed to the medical well being of these dogs. We are so very thankful for their kindness and generosity.

Those of you involved in rescue efforts, know that it can be hard, dirty, and sometimes dangerous work.  Ray and I specialize in the rescue of small sized, traumatized, socially damaged dogs. Sadly, the innocent, sweet looking Left Over Dogs were caged so long that they are almost feral in nature, with mental problems, and are often dangerously aggressive. Therefore, we always limit how many dogs we take in, because it takes much longer to train and rehabilitate them, than most rescues.We are not professional trainers, but we are dedicated. Try as we may, some of the precious dogs may never completely recover from their past, but they are safe, medically taken care of, well fed, groomed, LOVED! 

The Doggy Ranch is our ongoing dream, to have a home with more land, to take in more rescues. Safety is our first criteria, both for the animals and the rescuers. The optimum is to have enough space for the rescuer’s security, in a controlled environment, to both safely train and rehabilitate the dogs.

Here at Left Over Dogs, we don't have a sob story. We are simply an older couple that has the heart drive and love, to save animals. We know we can't save them all, but with dedication and hard work, and financial help from our sweet fans, we are saving lives.  All contributions go to the expenses required for taking care of the precious rescues. We dream forward to purchasing The Doggy Ranch. Come dream with us!

Would you please tell your friends about our Left Over Dogs? We are not shy about asking for help for these precious doggies that cannot ask for themselves.

You might enjoy watching this video of our doggies. Charly (in the video) has been adopted by the most wonderful human parents!







 We invite your financial participation.


You may also reach us here: madlynjane158@aol.com


Madlyn Martin ~ P.O. Box 494784 ~ Garland, Texas 75049-4784

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